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        1. Welcome to Yuechen Machinery!
          YUECHEN MACHINERYHigh-end door and window machine manufacturer
          Extraordinary quality and trustworthy!
          Professional focus on the industry for many years.
          High-quality insulating glass machines, aluminum door and window machine and PVC window machine.
          Product cost-effective, efficient supply!
          We have mechanical processing capabilities to ensure lower parts costs and benefits to our customers.
          In the same industry has a price advantage.
          Own brand, independent research and development and production, efficient management, low loss production, factory direct sales.
          Perfect quality management, credit guarantee!
          The company strictly carries out all-round quality control of the product manufacturing process in accordance with national technical standards.
          The company's equipment main accessories using imported accessories.
          Perfect service, professional technical support
          High-quality technical service center, design equipment investment programs and training professionals for customers.
          The company offices throughout the country and experienced sales service engineers are on call.
          Regular visits, providing customers with reliable technical support and equipment maintenance services.
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